Winter, the season of meditation. Outside, nature rests under a blanket of snow. Stories, families and thoughts gather around the hearth.

In this section, we want to offer you some of our paintings and furniture that manage to convey the feelings of intimacy that winter is rich in.


The snow and its magnificent silence. There is no other that is worth the name of silence, other than that of the snow on the roof and on the ground.

Erri De Luca

Snowy Alpine Landscape

Winter Alpine Landscape

Roe Deer in the Snowy Forest

Winter Landscape with Skier

Winter Alpine Peaks

The antique Tyrolean paintings and furniture have the property of making the context in which they are placed unique, through a combination of colors, materials, but above all through their experience.

In fact, these are objects that have spanned the centuries, thus filling themselves with a charisma that is perceptible to the eye, to the touch, to the mind.


Whether it is a wardrobe, a table or a chest, whether it is painted or made of natural fir, the antique Tyrolean furniture has one constant characteristic:


Blue Tyrolean Painted Wardrobe

“Basket” table in Fir

Tyrolean Painted Sideboard

Ancient Tyrolean Painted Chest

Carved Wardrobe in Fir