Tyrolean furniture

Tyrolean furniture is mainly characterized by the use of paint on furniture and objects. Each Alpine valley had its own characteristic way of painting furniture, with distinct colors and subjects, also given the particular geographical conformation of the territory in which these furniture were produced.

arredamenti tirolesi antichita' missaglia

The set of furnishings (furniture, furnishings, boiseries and floors), 99% produced in soft woods such as fir or pine, give the environment a welcoming and intimate aspect, capable of making those who feel immediately at ease. lives.

Today this type of furniture is no longer confined only to mountain or country houses, but also to elegant townhouses. Appropriately decontextualized, the Tyrolean painted furniture is perfectly suited to be placed in environments without boiseries and hunting trophies on the walls, and are able to give warmth and color by approaching modern elements and lighting, fitting into the technical kitchens built in steel, returning to to be protagonists in solutions that mix the ancient and the modern: the Tyrolean furniture “has come down from the mountains and became a citizen”.