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Luigi Pagan – Market of Chioggia

COD: Q131

50 cm x 70 cm (dimensions referring to the canvas only) – 1930s

This is a painting that tells a story, on a winter morning, with the crowd walking along the Canal Vena, among the stalls of the Chioggia fish market.

From the canal, the boats of the fishermen slowly approach, returning from night fishing, to supply the sellers with their wares.

The beauty of this painting, as well as in the pictorial technique, lies in the contrast of colors with which the painter tells his story and at the same time contextualizes it:
– The upper part of the painting describes the time of the year, winter, with gray houses, the sky desaturated in the morning fog, from which the profile of the bell tower of the Church of Santa Caterina emerges.
– The lower part is, instead, the story, the teeming vitality of the people, the saturated and vivid colors, among which the red stands out but even more the blue palette.

The painting is proposed with the original Marconi frame in white lacquer with gold highlights, or it is possible to customize it with an antique fir frame or other kind on request.

Pagan Luigi

Luigi Pagan (Chioggia 1907 – Ivi 1980) is an interesting landscape painter who has made the city of Chioggia one of his main themes. A characteristic of his painting is to touch impressionist and expressionist values ​​with unique and personal lights and atmospheres. Technical mastery is combined with suggestions that the painted landscape emanates.
He was born into a family of fishermen and with the death of his father during World War I he had to look after his mother and two brothers. He studied at a boarding school for war orphans, continuing his passion for art.

Various study and work experiences bring him to Turin where he comes into contact with the artistic tradition of the place. True artistic training, however, is completed in Venice at the Carmini School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Become a singer of a heroic epos that Comisso then tells through art and poetry.

Already in the fifties and sixties he collected flattering successes, also exhibiting in the United States and South Africa. His paintings are hosted at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice. In 2008, one hundred years after his birth, his Chioggia dedicated an important retrospective exhibition to him at the civic museum.