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Winter in Tyrol – Snowy landscape

COD: QM103

Kusche Alfred 1884 – 1984

56 x 70 cm (dimensions referring to the canvas only)

oil on cardboard – 1920s

Available with the antique fir frame.

Kusche Alfred
Graphic artist, painter (21 April 1884 Karlsruhe 9 July 1984 Karlsruhe)

Alfred Kusche was the son of a lithographer and co-owner of the Kusche und Eder printing house in Karlsruhe, who also worked for the Karlsruhe Association of Artists. After completing secondary school, Kusche attended the teachers’ seminary, but enrolled in the school of arts and crafts in November 1904. In 1906 he passed his drawing teacher exam, after which he taught for three years at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim. In addition to his teaching activity, he made works in brass, copper and silver.
In 1909 Kusche was commissioned to teach at the Grand Ducal School of Construction in Karlsruhe, where he was responsible for training industrial students with the task of drawing and designing on the basis of nature, graphic and ornamental surface design, rubbing of metals and glass painting , fabrics and wallpaper. In addition, he has created graphic projects for industrial companies. As early as 1909, after winning second prize in a competition held by the Waldorf-Astoria tobacco factory, Kusche was appointed to the art advisory committee of the same factory.
Other companies have also benefited from his projects. Contact with majolica came through a representative of Junker & Ruh, for whom he designed posters. He has been cooperating with this company for many years. During the First World War he designed the figure of the Councilor used as a trademark and for advertising purposes for the Sinner company.
In 1920 he was appointed professor at the building craft school and taught in the teacher training department of vocational schools. When this department was closed in 1924, Kusche voluntarily retired. He has since worked as a freelance artist. Alfred Kusche is still known today for designing emergency banknotes in times of inflation.