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Hermann Paschold – Hilly Landscape

65 x 95 cm (dimensions referred to the canvass only)

Hermann Paschold (26.03.1879 – 19.06.1965)

1886 – 1908

In 1886 the family moved to Pößneck, where Hermann Paschold attended elementary school. In 1887, after the premature death of her father, the mother moved with the children to Gera; he goes to the apprenticeship with the master painter Franz Oettel and becomes the painter’s assistant, here he knows the basics of decorative painting, he begins to paint landscapes as a self-taught. Around 1900 he took lessons from the portraitist Professor Ernst Kretzschmar, and in 1905 he began a friendship with Alfred Bogenhard, councilor of the district court, from 1913 to 1923 president of the artistic association of Geraer; around 1905 the beginning of fruitful friendships with Paul Neidhardt and the geologist Rudolf Hundt; With Paul Neidhardt, for the first time at the Geraer Kunstverein, he works for an exhibition.

1908 – 1911

In 1908 existence as an independent artist was built, resulting in ink drawings for calendars, club logos and cartoons; travels to the Baltic Sea, then to Hesse and Upper Franconia; 1909/1910 figure in an exhibition of the “Leipzig Secession” and is a member of the “Leipzig Secession” and then of the “Art Association Leipzig” and the “Association of Artists”; Collaborator of the Leipziger “Ilustrierten newspaper” in 1911.
After the success achieved in Leipzig, Hermann Paschold also found recognition in Gera and was accepted by the Kunstverein Gera.

1912 – 1922

1912/1913 contract for the design of the rooms at Gera Civic Museum with friezes, illustrates the publication “geological excursions in the middle of Elstertal” by Rudolf Hundt, exemplifying numerous books etc. is an important part of his artistic work remain.
1917-1923 member and painter of the artistic advisory board of the Reussische Theater Gera; The appointment of the Provincial Government of the People’s State of Reuß to the Advisory Board for Art and Science, is active as an employee of the state authorities in the education of people and can bear the title of “professor”.

1922 – 1939

1922 Marriage to Gertrud Margaretha Hensler in Kassel, exhibition with the painters Gera Richard Haberland and Alexander Wolfgang in the Orangery in the Gera garden; Co-founder of the “Business Association of Fine Artists in Germany”; 1924 participates in the exhibition of the Kunstgenossenschaft Leipzig in the Geraer Museum, teacher of painting and drawing lessons at the Gera Realgymnasium; In 1925, together with the geologist Hundt, member of the “Vogtländischer Altertumsforschender Verein zu Hohenleuben”; 1930-1945 exhibition director at the Geraer Kunstverein, further exhibitions; 1938 Hermann Paschold and Paul Neidhardt accept honorary registration at the Kunstverein; The 1939 painter Kurt Günther plays Professor Hermann Paschold;

1939 – 1965

1947 Drawing of the halls of the Kreismuseum Hohenleuben with mural painting, teacher at the Volkshochschule in Gera, construction of the local museum Wünschendorf (Elster); In 1949 he received an exhibition at the Stadthalle Gera with Paul Weiser on the occasion of his 70th birthday, and an exhibition in the Schloßmuseum in Weimar with Paul Neidhardt; This is followed by other exhibitions in Gera; he died on June 19 after a long illness.