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Felix Schlenker “Quadrat-Collage” 1983


30cm x 30cm – enamels on wood

Abstract work that investigates the essence of white, through games of geometries and volumes, fluctuating the matt and glossy finishes.

Felix Schlenker, Felix Schlenker-Mauch (12 July 1920 Schwenningen – July 2010 Ebenda)

After graduating from high school in 1939, Schlenker was drafted into military service until 1945. From 1945 to 1978 he worked as a teacher at elementary and middle schools on the subject of painting design. He also founded the “Kleine Galerie Schwenningen” in the early 1960s. In his artistic work he devotes himself to graphics and images with a clear optical didactic and the most economical use of color. In 1966 he exhibited his “nail pictures” in a personal exhibition at Galerie Wirth Berlin, pictorial objects in which he mounts horseshoe nails arranged in rows on hard or chipboard panels. Of course, due to the material used, they were less detailed and beautiful than his screen prints. In May / June 1967, Schlenker took part in the legendary “Serial Formations” exhibition in the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Study Gallery, curated by Paul Maenz and Peter Roehr.

From 1964 to 1991 Felix Schlenker regularly participated in the exhibitions of the German Association of Artists. As a collector, he assembled an extensive package of works by fellow artists he was friends with, which he exhibited in the city library and donated to the city of Villingen-Schwenningen as a Felix Schlenker collection in 1992. He held solo exhibitions in 1984 at the Museum of Non -Objective Art, Otterndorf and in 2008 at the Museum of Art and History, Hüfingen. In 1990 he became a professor of the state of Baden-Württemberg. He died eleven days before his 90th birthday. Two of the artist’s works are in the collection of the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort.