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April in the mountains – Fritz Schwaiger (1878-1953)

Work dimensions: 70 x 100 cm
Measurement with small antique fir frame (2cm): 74 x 104 cm
Measurement with large antique fir frame (8cm): 86 x 116 cm
Technique: oil on canvas
Period: circa 1920

Suggestive view of an Alpine valley. In the background the gray of the sky mixes with the snow that still resists on the peaks. On the meadows in the foreground the snow slowly gives way to the advancing spring: only a few white patches recall the winter that has just passed. Nestled between these two apparently contrasting floors, a small village with carmine-coloured roofs placidly watches the passage of time.

In this luminous painting the painter highlights the depth of field with a technique based on the skilful use of shadows and lights. The contrasts are vibrant but delicate, and give life to the whole.

Available with the antique fir frame in two sizes