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Albert Holz – Herd of Deer in the Glade – 1920s


100 cm x 140 cm (dimensions referring to the canvas only) – oil on canvas

A herd of deer graze in the clearing; at the center of the composition, the adult male deer in all its majesty. As with all of Albert Holz’s works, the animal faces are particularly expressive and well made; the young fawn emerging from the forest is particularly refined.

Thanks to its generous dimensions, this majestic painting will enhance an entire wall on its own.

Available with an antique fir wood frame.

Albert Holz (February 27, 1884 Düsseldorf – Ebenda 1954)

Initially self-taught, Albert Holz studied privately from 1908 in Düsseldorf with the animal and landscape painter Christian Kröner, who died in 1911 and whose last pupil was Holz himself.
He later trained with Georg Hacker, also in Düsseldorf. Until 1928 Hacker was the director of the painting room of the Stadttheater, as his student, Holz was able to work on the decorations of the Municipal Theater in Düsseldorf.

Holz followed in the footsteps of his first teacher Christian Kröner, dedicating himself to landscape painting, characterizing it in the moods typical of the time of day and seasons and often populating it with grazing sheep or herds and individual depictions of game. The winter motifs show foxes lurking in the snow or herds of wild boars. Occasionally people are also included in the compositions, for example a farmer mowing the grass or a shepherd with his flock. The artist also produced watercolors and drawings, in particular representations of animals.