Our objects come from all over Europe: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway. They are selected directly by us during our long journeys in search of antiquities: sometimes to select a single wardrobe we view thousands and we travel hundreds of kilometers before finding the one that will be part of our gallery. When a piece of furniture meets our evaluation criteria, it is prepared for the journey that will lead it to our warehouses, where we evaluate the type of restoration to be carried out, if needed, and where it is photographed and prepared.


We rely on experienced and reliable national and international forwarders for the transport of furniture and paintings all over the world.
For special requests for personalized delivery, we are available with our means and our staff for an ad hoc evaluation.
We prepare the most suitable packaging for each object, building custom-made rigid packaging when necessary to ensure the safety of the objects.


RESTORATION We always evaluate together with the customer any customized solutions, always supplied by us directly, both as regards the degree of restoration and for the interior decoration of the furniture.

CONTRACT We offer a complete furnishing service.
In addition to what is already present in our catalog of furniture and paintings, we are always available to search and supply any ad hoc pieces.

DEPOSIT Once you have purchased a piece of furniture or a painting, we offer the possibility of leaving it in storage at our warehouses until you confirm that you are going to proceed with the delivery. This can be very useful if you are furnishing an unfinished house and still want to block the chosen piece.

PERSONALIZED GIFTS We provide a personalized delivery service if you want to give a gift. Delivery will take place anonymously (the receipt will be delivered directly to you and not to the recipient); it will also be possible to insert a ticket with a dedication.

BUYING GUIDE Our online catalog is full of various photos for each piece. We are always available to send you photos of additional details, or to make an appointment at our office to see the objects in person.

ESTIMATE ON PAINTINGS We offer professional valuation service on old paintings.

ANTIQUE DESIGN The typology of the furniture treated and the modern taste of the people make it possible today a real fusion between modern design and antiques, to create a combination that enriches both, so much so that we can speak of a real Antique Design. .. find out more

A NATURAL CHOICE In a world where the new and the fast seem to have become undisputed masters, modernity opens its doors to the rediscovery of ancient values, natural rhythms, organic materials to which man, in collaboration with time, has given a new life … find out more