The painted Tyrolean furniture is a particular production of the Alpine valleys of Northern Italy, Austria, and Germany. Each area had its own style recognizable by subject and colors, but common to all are the floral decorations and the ability to make the rooms warm and welcoming. Whether they are chests, wardrobes or rare sideboards, they are ideal for furnishing mountain homes, huts and chalets, country houses up to elegant city apartments, thanks to their young character and the ability to fit into any type of furniture , ancient or modern.

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1791 Blu Painted Cabinet


COD: A165
H.174 cm
L.120 cm (140 to the frames)
P. 46 cm (56 to the frames)

1791 Blu Painted Cabinet2021-11-21T11:35:05+01:00

Painted wardrobe dated 1799


COD: A155
H. 177cm
L. 93cm (107cm to the frames)
P. 34cm (40cm to the frames)  

Painted wardrobe dated 17992021-03-22T15:19:19+01:00
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