Two-door fir wardrobe

SKU: A203
H.176 – L.150 (164 at the frames) – P.53 (59 at the frames)

Tyrolean wardrobe with two doors in fir wood, with notches, from the mid-18th century
The two doors are built with frames and two diamond-cut and ashlar panels. The lowering is nicely contoured, on the front and sides. The hinges are made, as are the keyholes, in shaped wrought iron.
All these processes soften a piece of furniture with large dimensions and multiple possibilities: it can be a large wardrobe in the bedroom, set up with a clothes hanger pole and shelf, or with just shelves for the household linen. Always set up with shelves it can become a formidable sideboard in the living room or even better in the kitchen.

Divisible into two parts to facilitate transport, with wedge tightening system; original hardware, the lock has been replaced with a style one.

It is possible to customize the interior with additional shelves and/or clothes hanger pole, thanks to the intervention of our restoration laboratory.

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