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Antique Tyrolean sewing box

COD: V09
H.22cm – L.33cm – P.21cm 

Original sewing box in a beautiful deep blue color, perfectly preserved.

On the whole surface there are floral decorations. On the lid, there is still the space where the pin tip was originally placed during work.

Inside there is a compartment with a lid (built later), to contain smaller objects, and an ancient print is applied.

Particularly beautiful all the hardware, including the lock mechanism with the original key, in perfect working order.

The beauty of the decoration, together with the precision of the cabinet-making work, characterized by the particular shape, the frames and the dovetail joint, make this piece truly unique, rare and particular.

In addition to the original function, it can be used as a joy or correspondence holder.

Tyrol end of the 18th century

Object not yet restored; it is possible to customize the desired degree of restoration, thanks to the intervention of our laboratory.