Tyrolean wardrobe dated 1818

CODE: A200
H. 178 cm – L. 116 cm (132cm at the frames) – P. 43 cm (50 at the frames)

Beautiful one-door Tyrolean wardrobe, in fir wood, entirely painted in petrol green colour, with brick red frames that create a pleasant chromatic contrast. On the door and on the shoulders there are eight large squares depicting cups and bouquets of flowers joined by ribbons and bows. On the sides, other panels are decorated with a fake marble motif, as is the upper cornice, under which there are flowered garlands and the date.
The lower part of the furniture is shaped to create a curved movement that breaks up the straight lines of the structure and gives grace to the whole.
The interior is currently empty, but it can be customized by inserting shelves to be used as a pantry or sideboard, or by installing a clothes hanger pole, with or without shelves, to be used as a wardrobe.
This wardrobe has never been restored but is in excellent condition. It requires small interventions which will be carried out by our laboratory before being delivered.
The hardware is ancient and functional, the original lock has been replaced with another, also ancient.
Tyrol 1818

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