The type of furniture treated and the trend of today’s furniture make it possible today to create a real fusion between modern design and antiques, to create a combination that enriches both, so much so that we can speak of a real Antique Design.

Objects capable of giving homes in which they are inserted a refined touch of color and warmth, whether placed in a mountain house, in a country cottage, in a minimalist loft or in an elegant city apartment. We have carried out numerous projects both in private homes and in professional structures, such as the Cavit castle on Lake Toblino, the Mimì chalet in Lech in Austria, the Antica Torre del Nera in Scheggino, the archive historian of the Gucci fashion company in Florence, … Some of our furniture has also been included in the set of Walt Disney’s Cinderella film.


Antiques have evolved over time. As in all fields, even a sector so reluctant to modernity by definition has found a new guise and a new youth thanks to the possibilities offered by technology which, first of all, make a new global approach possible. The customer has the opportunity to touch our proposals, albeit thousands of kilometers away. This is thanks to a careful and thorough presentation work that stimulates us every day to improve our proposal.

It is clear to us that the concept of territoriality has now disappeared: the same piece of furniture can be purchased from Rome, London or New York. Our new and real shop is now virtual, which is why each object is accompanied by everything necessary to ensure that it can be selected by customers even from a distance.

A NATURAL CHOICE In a world where the new and the fast seem to have become undisputed masters, modernity opens its doors to the rediscovery of ancient values, natural rhythms, organic materials to which man, in collaboration with time, has given a new life … find out more

HOW WE WORK From the guarantee of origin, to the custom-made restoration agreed step by step with our customers to delivery to your home, we offer you the quality of antique furniture combined with the serenity of a safe purchase … find out more