It was 1969 and for some years Francescon Maria Iole had understood the importance of antique furniture in our homes. In that year Antichità Missaglia was born, which in a short time became a reference for the city of Padua in the trade of antique furniture of the high epoch. Over the years, Iole’s son, Iglis, took over the leadership of Antichità Missaglia, who together with his wife Carla expanded the offer driven by a strong passion for Tyrolean painted furniture. Iole was my grandmother, Iglis is my father, and today I proudly carry on the same passion for antiquity, maintaining the historical proposal and expanding the entire new section of paintings.

Today Antichità Missaglia wants to be a young company in step with the times; our online showcase offers you all the tools to best evaluate each object, in any corner of the world you are.


Below you will find some insights: how we have been carrying out our idea of ​​”ancient design” for generations and how we work to always offer you the best service.

ANTIQUE DESIGN The type of furniture treated and the trend of today’s furniture make today possible a real fusion between modern design and antiques, to create a combination that enriches both, so much so that we can speak of a real Antique Design … find out more

A NATURAL CHOICE In a world where the new and the fast seem to have become undisputed masters, modernity opens its doors to the rediscovery of ancient values, natural rhythms, organic materials to which man, in collaboration with time, has given a new life … find out more

HOW WE WORK From the guarantee of origin, to the custom-made restoration agreed step by step with our customers to delivery to your home, we offer you the quality of antique furniture combined with the serenity of a safe purchase … find out more