The materials that make up Tyrolean antique furniture come from nature: wood, colors, metal …

And the working techniques of the cabinet makers always come from nature, according to the tradition of the time. Given the absence of electric tools, each process was carried out strictly by hand, without the use of glues or screws, in favor of joints, wooden nails, hand-forged hardware.

The plants had to be cut at certain times of the year and left to mature according to natural rhythms to obtain a workable and durable material.
The paintings were made with the use of casein-based colors, which made it possible to preserve them over the centuries.

Consequently, the furniture has seen the passing of the years, acquiring the so-called “patina” (the natural oxidation of the materials used) and imbuing it with the charm of time.

For all these reasons, no one antique piece of furniture is the same as another: each is a unique piece in terms of materials, construction and history and is able to become a focal point of exceptional charisma within your own home.

Wood, the natural material par excellence.

Metal, to forge locks, keys, hinges.

The color, on a casein basis, to make the furniture unique and vibrant.

Time, which gives the furniture unique character and personality.


For your and our safety, for the restoration of each antique furniture we use only natural paints, without any chemical additives.
This also allows us to respect the essence of the furniture, which has come down to the present day in their natural guise, without altering its patina but rather enhancing it and renewing its original beauty.

Shellac, a natural resin.

Beeswax, the natural filler to restore the signs of aging.

Mordente, as a support for the restoration of paintings.

Natural colored earths, to retouch the decorations in a discreet way.

ANTIQUE DESIGN The typology of the furniture treated and the modern taste of the people make it possible today a real fusion between modern design and antiques, to create a combination that enriches both, so much so that we can speak of a real Antique Design. .. find out more

HOW WE WORK From the guarantee of origin, to the custom-made restoration agreed step by step with our customers to delivery to your home, we offer you the quality of antique furniture combined with the serenity of a safe purchase … find out more