Our online antiques gallery offers a wide selection of original painted Tyrolean furniture, antique furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries in soft wood and antique paintings from the 20th century. All the objects treated are carefully selected, with particular attention to their originality.

Unique pieces able to enhance any environment and type of furniture, from classic homes to mountain design, to modern minimalism.



Our large online gallery is full of objects, each accurately described and accompanied by high resolution photos and size indications, to be able to evaluate it from home in all serenity.



Inside each item sheet there is an online form to request all the information you need; if you prefer, you can contact us at the following telephone number: +39 3770816797 (Whatsapp also).



Our restorers carry out any restoration and customization: together with the customer we evaluate the desired degree of intervention on each object and the interior fittings of the furniture.



We ship to Italy and all over the world with expert and reliable partners; we personally take care of the packaging of each object so that it arrives in your homes in perfect condition.

Each ancient object is unique and has its own history; we are a conduit for you to become part of yours.

THROUGH GENERATIONS. It was 1969 and for some time Francescon Maria Iole had understood the importance that antiques play in our homes. In that year Antichità Missaglia was born. Subsequently, Iole’s son, Iglis, takes over the helm and, together with his wife Carla, expands the offer driven by a strong passion for Tyrolean painted furniture. Iole was my grandmother, Iglis is my father, and today I proudly carry on the same passion for antiquity, working to pursue our ideal of “ancient design”.


From painted Tyrolean furniture to paintings depicting alpine landscapes: behind every object lies a centuries-old history.

Tyrolean furniture

mobili tirolesi

Tyrolean furniture: history of Alpine painted furniture. The use of painting in furniture decoration was born in the fifteenth century. In fact, there are many artists of the time committed to embellishing the rustic structure of the furnishings which are thus transformed into sumptuous and elegant elements capable of embellishing the homes.

Antique furniture

mobili antichi

Antique furniture: history of antique furniture. The nineteenth century in Italy re-proposes that stylistic inhomogeneity, that succession, overlapping, mixing of genres that remains the main feature of this century for European furniture in general.

Antique paintings

Painting, in its best known expression, paintings, has always delighted the gaze and the homes of those who admired it. From its birth to today it has crossed countless currents and many are the men who have tried their hand at it, sometimes with extraordinary results. Our proposal attempts to shed light on a limited time window, the twentieth century.

Our online gallery is full of in-depth descriptions and detailed high-resolution photos, to allow you to make your purchases with complete peace of mind even from a distance. If you would like to come and visit us in person, our address is: Via IV Novembre 812, 35030 Vo’ Euganeo (PD), Italy. We receive only by appointment. To book, please contact number +39 347 5979877.